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About Us

Seakayak Whitsundays provide sea kayaking experiences that will take you out of the place you live and put you in a different environment where you can reflect, take stock and have a lot of fun. And its not just sea kayaking, hilltop hikes and some fantastic snorkelling await those who want to emerse themselves in natural places.

The Whitsundays are an easily accessible island chain with some fantastic opportunities for journey based sea kayaking. Migrating humpback whales are often seen during the season and turtles are our ever present companions. 

Join us and share the experience of paddling thru what is surely Australia's best sea kayaking destination.

Meet Your Team

James Boyd

James Boyd, experienced white water kayaker and sea kayaking guide loves showing off beautiful spots only accessable by kayak. "I reckon the Whitsundays is the best expedition seakayaking in Australia ". Paddling and guiding since 2001, he is still involved in outdoor recreation TAFE coures running canoeing/ white water kayaking/ seakayaking guideing courses.

James also designed the double seakayak - The ORCA - which we use on our Whitsundays Expeditions.

Burt Dunleavy

Burt is our head guide and with over 15 years of leading sea kayak expeditions in the Whitsundays he is ideally placed to show you a good time, keep you safe and take you perhaps just out of your comfort zone without making you un-comfortable. Burt had a long stint at TAFE teaching outdoor recreation and has owned and operated a few kayaking businesses' over the journey.

"My favorite Whitsundays location would be the Peter Bay butterfly walk up the dry creek bed. The rainforest canopy gives everything beneath it a shade of green and the creek bed teems with life from butterflies and beetles to lizards and snakes."

  • “It felt like we had an island paradise completly to ourselves, to experience Whitehaven beach and Hill Inlet without the crowds was magnificent. Thanks for a fantastic trip!”


  • “It felt like we were paddling thru paradise, the campsites were truly spectacular and it was a great place to explore”


  • “Camp cooking was fun. It was really rewarding to help out cooking the meals and getting to know everybody.”


  • “It was a great experience for my partner and I. The staff were friendly and we had an amazing time.”